In this article, I will explain a simple mathematical calculation for perceptrons to represent a logical XOR-Gate.


Though this is a simple concept, a beginner will find it as an interesting start of mathematical relation to the multilayer perceptron.


  • Understanding perceptron.
  • Understanding step function.
  • Understanding weight,input,output.


The truth table for…

When I had started python, I already had 2years of experience in java. So it was very uncomfortable to get into the python world. In this series, I will explain things a java developer will never think about when coding.

Today [part 1] I will explain two topics ,

  1. The…


In this document I will review the book Principles of Data Science by Sinan Ozdmir published in 2016.

This book started with playing with data and ends with the introduction to machine learning. In the middle, the mathematical ups and downs will surely give you a coffee break (hm..!! ).

Mehedee Hassan

Lost in the coding space ..

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